Starting New Employment

9 06 2011

With unemployment hovering around the 9 percent mark i consider myself lucky to be able to share that I am starting a new job with Deaconess Hospital tomorrow night. I will be working in the Information Services department at the hospital as a Desktop Support Specialist. While this job seems minor in the grand scheme of things I am happy that I have a job in this economy and am glad I was able to break into this field of Information Technology.

This goes without saying that people need to be diligent and always have feelers out there someone will be hiring for the job you want to have. I gambled away 4 months of my life to get the job I wanted to have. There are jobs out there for Americans but some do not want to lower themselves to do those jobs. I encourage people to reconsider this approach.

Peace out and as always have a great day!!


New Blog Postings coming

9 06 2011

I have been out of the blog writing fun for quite some time but i am ramping back up and getting ready to go again.  My topics will cover everything from actions locally in Evansville to National issues covering all the ranges of issues. I plan on analyzing Michigan Football, 2012 Presidential election, and the latest in the Technology world.